Soundwall Solstice

A Flat-Panel Speaker Made of Switchable Art

What is it?

A flat-panel speaker you can stream music to via any Bluetooth or WiFi-enabled device. Plus, the front of the speaker is switchable. We produce magnetic art prints that you can easily roll-on and off the speaker.

Revolutionary Sound Technology

The entire surface of a Soundwall is a speaker. We use Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) technology to produce brilliant sound. Exciters mounted on the back of the art vibrate the surface to produce incredible, full-range sound throughout your room.

Omni-Directional Sound

Soundwall produces 180 degrees of rich, natural sound, so you can experience your music from anywhere in your room.

Stream Your Music

Stream your favorite music wirelessly via Bluetooth or WiFi from your mobile device to play music on Soundwall.

Switchable Art

Why commit to one piece of art forever? Soundwall Solstice allows you to easily switch your art anytime. We produce hundreds of canvas-quality magnetic art prints that easily roll on and off your Soundwall’s frame.

Space Saver

You no longer need to clutter your space with clunky, unflattering speakers! Soundwall Solstice provides brilliant sound masked by art to seamlessly blend into your decor without taking up too much space.


We offer the Soundwall Solstice in two sizes.

2ft x 2ft

3ft x 2ft

Easy Installation

Soundwall hangs like a piece of art.
You plug it into an outlet to power it.


24 × 24

Width: 24 in (61 cm)
Height: 24 in (61 cm)
Depth: 3 in (8 cm)
12 lbs (5.4 kg)

36 × 24

Width: 36 in (92 cm)
Height: 24 in (61 cm)
Depth: 3 in (8cm)
16 lbs (7.25 kg)


1.3mm resonating aluminum base
Solid wood frame
Magnetic art print


CPU: 4× ARM Cortex-A53, 1.2GHz
RAM: 1GB LPDDR2 (900 MHz)
Wi-Fi: 5GHz 802.11ac
Storage: 8GB microSD


Power input: 19V (US, UK, EU, AU plugs available)
USB power out: 5V (up to 0.5 amp)
Subwoofer out: RCA (supports wireless Bluetooth subwoofer connection)
Line-in/AUX: 3.5 mm.
Ethernet: 10/100 Mb/s


Stream audio via Bluetooth or WiFi. Soundwalls use Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) technology. The entire surface of the aluminum base resonates–generating a clear, natural sound. Unlike traditional cone speaker technology, Soundwalls fill an entire room with omni-directional sound that sound great anywhere in the space.

Audio formats supported for local playback: AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), HE-AAC, MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3), OGG Vorbis, Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV

Line-in audio from external device (phone, SONOS, record player, etc.)

User-configurable maximum volume limit

Whats in the box?

Soundwall Solstice
Magnetic Art Print
Quick Start Guide
Hanging Template & Instructions
Hanging Hardware (2 hooks & 4 nails)
8-ft. white power cord
Cleaning & care instructions
Microfiber cleaning cloth


Q: How good is the sound quality?

  • Soundwall Solstice’s Distributed Mode Loudspeaker technology produces brilliant, full-range sound. You’ll experience the high, mid and low-range frequencies from anywhere in your space.

Q: How is this powered?

  • Through your standard power outlet.

Q: How do I install this?

  • In the packaging we include hooks you nail onto your wall to hang your Soundwall Solstice. You plug the white power cord from the device into a nearby socket. You can easily mask the power cord with a Cordmate or hire an electrician to move the outlet behind a Soundwall for a clean look. Click here to watch a video about installation.

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