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Custom Frames

At CFL we consistently deliver the highest standard of custom framing to clients who demand excellence and premium quality at highly competitive prices. CFL now offer the complete Bellini range for the discerning buyer. These Italian handcrafted mouldings are second to none. They will give your work that extra special touch. Our dedicated and experienced staff offer professional service. They can offer advice to assist you to select appropriate custom framing combinations. Whatever you bring or send to us, we can frame it. From mirrors and tapestries to paintings, posters and jigsaw puzzles. We can also frame jerseys and other items of sporting memorabilia. We thrive on the challenge of creating

a framing combination that will enhance your treasured possessions and keep them safe from harm. Since the installation of our fully computerised mat cutter, we are able to offer an extensive range of options. These include intricate cuts, special shapes, and decorative designs – all with the guarantee of a perfect finish. We carry a wide range of timber and contemporary mouldings. We also offer classic and rustic styles. We also offer a huge selection of acid free matboards. We no longer use basic framing Glass, instead we use a high quality acrylic. This acrylic is light weight, protects against 99% of UV rays and is shatter proof. We can also provide specialised museum grade non-reflective acrylic.

Contemporary Timber

Bellini Contemporary Timber frames

Bellini Fine mouldings

Hand Crafted Italian Frames

Bellini have been hand crafting their fine frames for more than 5 generations. They produce nothing but perfection when it comes to these frames. No other manufacturer comes close to the sheer elegance of the finished product. Their range includes beautiful natural timber veneers, contemporary high gloss finishes & many classic styles. Bellini has really brought together an amazing collecting of frames. There are so many options to choose from when you are looking to create a truly unique look for your artwork or your prized photograph. It is truly the way to set you work apart from the rest.

Call us on +61 2 43678499 to speak to one of our experienced Bellini Frame designers. They can help you choose the perfect frame for you perfect piece of  art or you favourite photo. We have the complete range of Bellini Frames in store.

Custom Framing Central Coast

High Gloss

Bellini High Gloss Frames

Attension to detail



The Beauty Is In The Detail

Attention to detail is our speciality. When it comes to custom framing, we pride ourselves in the fact that we go to a lot of effort. We create a high quality frame to match the beautiful artwork or photograph that our customer has entrusted to us. We at Created For Life believe that the frame is an extension of the art and it should compliment it. Once the frame has been chosen, it is then handed off to the production team. Every last detail of the job is finished to the high standards that our customers have come to expect. We also believe the back of the frame should also be finished to the high standard of the front of the frame. There are very few framers that put as much of their heart and soul into every finished frame.

Custom Framing Central Coast

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Custom Framing Central Coast

Protecting The Frame Is Paramount

Packaging is a very important part of what we do. It makes no difference how good a job we do with creating an amazing custom frame for our customers if that frame gets damaged in transit. Whether its sitting on the back seat of your car or travelling to the other side of the world on a plane, we make sure that your frame is well protected. Every frame is firstly wrapped in a soft protective non abrasive interlining tissue. Then each corner has a cardboard corner protector fitted. It is then wrapped in a double skin 10mm bubble wrap. This is how every finished frame is wrapped. This helps protect finished frames before they leave the premises and also while in the customers care while travelling to their final destination. Further packing is used when frames are shipped via courier. The additional packaging is  dependant on which courier and where the frame is going.

Perfect packaging

Custom Framing Central Coast

Natural Timber Finsih

Custom Framing Central Coast


Knowing The Industry Inside & Out

Created For Life has been around for just over 20 years. In those 20 years we have become somewhat experts in the field of custom framing. We have been framing images for some of Australia’s top photographers since the very beginning. Through out the last 2 decades the industry has changed many times. We have always pushed ahead with new ways of creating beautiful custom framing. We are constantly looking to improve not only our products but also our customer service. In 20 years we have learned one simple fact. We only need to keep our customers happy by creating high quality picture frames in order to stay in business.

We are very much looking forward to the next 20 years in this amazing industry. We have set ourselves the challenge of being the best picture framing company in Australia by delivering above and beyond our customers expectations.

Custom Framing Central Coast


100 percent guaranteed Custom Framing

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always receiving questions and inquiries from our customers. As we receive them, we will add the answers to this section in order you our customers to get the answers they need 24/7. This means that you do not have to wait until our doors open on the next business day.

  • Is Shipping Included ?

    No shipping is not usually included …

    When purchasing a custom frame. You can check out shipping costs by going to our shipping info page or by contacting one of our stage members.

  • How long does it take to complete a frame?

    Custom Framing Takes Time …

    Our standard turn around time for a custom framing is 10 – 12 working days. If you have a particular deadline to meet, we will always try to get your frame completed within the time required. 

  • Why does CFL not using traditional framing glass ?

    Its All About Quality …

    We do not use cheap framing glass as we are all about quality. We use a high quality acrylic for several reasons. 1. Its light weight and doesn’t break. 2. It has no colour cast like glass. 3. It protects agains 99% of UV rays. 

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